Assistance, conseils techniques et commerciaux dans le domaine des installations provisoires - Expertise en Infrastructures de Recharge des Véhicules Électriques et Hybrides Rechargeables.

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Presentation of BLUE2BGREEN

Founded in February 2015 by Jean-Luc COUPEZ, BLUE2BGREEN is an independent consulting firm offering the widest range of support for electromobility projects. Our offer is composed of 4 complementary clusters according to the maturity of the project. Each division offers technical, strategic and commercial approaches adapted to the needs of our customers :

Recognized and certified by QUALIFELEC and AFNOR Certification for its qualifying courses as well as its E.V READY® labeling by ASEFA / LCIE / Bureau VERITAS, BLUE2BGREEN assures you of the quality of the installations carried out by an Electricity Professional. BLUE2BGREEN has already trained more than 350 electricians / installers in France.

Recognized and labeled EV-READY1.4H®, BLUE2BGREEN takes part to EV-Ready committees, to be aware of of the latest regulatory and normative developments for the installation and maintenance of EVSE.

With more than 10 years of experience in sales, consulting and training with charge points manufacturers, automobile salesmen, electrical installers and large electrical companies, industrialists, businesses, building and community managers, the experience and quality of BLUE2BGREEN’s studies are recognized in the e-mobility ecosystem.

Thanks to its mastery of industrial deployment projects, BLUE2BGREEN supports its customers throughout the charge point installation process, from the specification’s redaction to the commissioning of charge points through the grid connection requests and the work management.

Since the first half of 2019, BLUE2BGREEN has been strengthening its technical skills and developing its international activities, particularly in Spain, where the electromobility market is growing strongly. With its expertise, BLUE2BGREEN also offers technical and strategic support for Smart Grids, V2G / V2H, self-consumption and photovoltaic projects.

As the electromobility market is constantly changing, BLUE2BGREEN keeps a high level of advices by entering partnerships with research and academic institutes with, for example, the VEDECOM Institute and the Arts et Métiers ParisTech School. BLUE2BGREEN is also a member of AVERE, AVEM, ACOZE and participates in several working groups to promote the growth of electric mobility.

Presentation of the team!

Jean-Luc COUPEZ, CEO, mobility expert, trainer and speaker has developed charging solutions since 2008 for several charge points manufacturers, he currently supports manufacturers, installers and distribution networks in electrical equipment, to improve their products and their method of marketing.

With a technical background specialized in electrical engineering, automation and energy management, his 40 years of experience were used in the creation of BLUE2BGREEN with different business profiles for diversified projects in the fields of electric and shared mobility, the transport and delivery intermodality hub approach, associated with energy management and self-consumption.

Located in the North of France, REV3 (TRI) member, Territorial Advisor Chamber of Commerce of Lille and in relation with many companies of Hauts-de-France and on the French territory, it is also the insurance of an effective follow-up cases and the guarantee of an experienced support.

His business skills: Marketing strategies of electric mobility solutions, integration in the approach of the SMARTS, organization of commercial and strategic meetings, animation of meeting and round table, lecturer in E-Mobility.

As an expert in e-mobility and charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, Jean-Luc COUPEZ brings his knowledges recognized by many customers and networks to the strategy of implementing mobility solutions and EV/PHEV charging points.

Adrien CASTAGNIE, Export Manager, Senior Consultant, Trainer and engineer graduated from the School of Arts et Métiers ParisTech (ENSAM ParisTech) specialized in electrical engineering and renewable energies. He also holds a master’s degree in e-mobility from 4 French engineering schools: Arts et Métiers ParisTech, ENSTA ParisTech, MINES ParisTech and Ecole des Ponts ParisTech and financed by the RENAULT Foundation.

After a first experience at the consulting firm SOLSTYCE, a company specialized in the construction of photovoltaic power plants and the deployment of EV infrastructures, he joined the Groupe RENAULT in 2016 in the EV Business Unit.

For 3 years, he notably implemented the smart charging service that automatically charges the car when the energy is the cheapest. He also managed and implemented innovative charging solutions, including charging hubs for intensive use of EVSE to achieve a return on investment of such infrastructures. He recently joined BLUE2BGREEN to strengthen the technical skills and develop international activities.

His business skills: EV Ecosystem Expert – IEC 61-851 – EVSE Expert – Electrical engineering – ISO 15-118: Plug & Charge and V2G – Grid connection procedures – Deep knowledges of European electrical standards.

As an expert in charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, Adrien CASTAGNIE will take care of the technical studies and trainings and will manage the international activities of BLUE2BGREEN.


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